Customization of Discovery gadgets

You can customize some of the information in the Discovery gadgets, so that the information that you specify is displayed for users.

You can customize the Discovery gadgets in the following ways:

  • Specify a custom source for the data that is shown when a user clicks the link to view discoverable instances. You can configure the custom source as a report definition, a virtual report definition, or a property reference.
  • Customize the pyDefaultDiscoverableReport report definition rule template so that any class can show different information about discoverable instances in that class.
  • Override the field values ( pyDiscoverableItems and pyDiscoverableItemsNoCount ) for the text that is displayed in the Discovery gadget in the application ruleset.
  • Change the harness headers that display the discoverable instances in reports or in search by overwriting the field values for pyDiscoverableItemsHeader and pyDiscoverableItemsHeaderForSearch.
  • If the number of discovered instances is zero, specify wheter you want the gadget to show a link for discovered instances.