Editing with Live UI

Using Live UI, you edit the location of elements, such as sections, links, icons, controls, and layouts, within the user interface of an application. Live UI allows you to add or delete on-screen elements using a contextual menu that displays when you click the See available actions icon in the name tab of the element. Elements can be moved within the hierarchy by clicking and dragging.

Before you can edit elements using Live UI, enable runtime editing and branching in your application.

Adding an element

  1. Select the element next to which you want to add an element.
  2. Click the See available actions icon to open the edit sub-menu.
  3. Under the Add element... heading, select whether you want the element inserted Before or After. The menu of available elements opens.
  4. Select the element you want to add in the dynamic layout.

Deleting an element

Click the See available actions icon to open the edit sub-menu. Select Delete from the menu. To undo a delete, you need to add the deleted element again.

Moving an element

Elements can be clicked and dragged within the hierarchy in Live UI. When an element is moved to a location where it can be dropped , the red x icon becomes a green check mark. Elements may be moved within or between dynamic layouts. UI elements cannot be moved across sections.