Import translations

To complete the translation process, import the translation files that you received from the translator. After the translation files are imported into the Localization wizard, all the original field values are replaced with their translations.

When you receive translation files from more than one translator, import each file separately.

  1. Click Designer Studio > User Interface > Application readiness > Localization > Translations in progress.
    Tip: In the Wizards in progress worklist you can resume the Localization wizard at the last step that you previously finished. The Instructions column indicates the step at which the Localization wizard stopped. If you exported multiple translation packages from one wizard object, each package appears as a separate import item in the list.
  2. In the ID column, select an item to import.
  3. On the Select Import RuleSets form, select a ruleset and version from the list to save the field values to.

    If you pick a non-localized ruleset, the wizard creates a new localized ruleset and version. If the ruleset already exists, it is imported to that existing localized ruleset.

    If a ruleset version exists but is not displayed in the list, it is locked. In this case, either unlock it or use another version.

  4. Optional: If you created your own language pack that includes standard Pega Platform field values, import it to a top-level (organization) application ruleset so that it can be shared across business applications. Your custom language pack cannot be imported to a standard locked ruleset where Pegasystems language packs are located.
  5. Select ruleset versions to save the HTML Paragraphs to.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Import wizard, click Choose File to upload the translation package .zip file.
  8. Click Next.

When the import is complete, the following information is displayed:

  • Successfully Imported
  • Imports Skipped - The translation is the same as the translation currently in the application or the translation contains a blank value in the TextToTranslate.xml file.
  • Import Errors