Check the translated values in the application

After the translation files are imported to the Localization wizard, all the text in the user-visible field value rules that are displayed in application elements, such as user forms and portal displays, is overwritten with the translation.

To review and verify the translated localized rules in the current local settings values, use the Locale Settings tool.

  1. Click Designer Studio > User Interface > Application readiness > Localization > Locale settings.
  2. Enter the language in the Use Locale field and click Update.
  3. Click the Run icon.
  4. Click Open Portal > name to open a standard portal.
  5. Select the name of a portal rule ( WorkManager, WorkUser, or other variants of these rules) available in your access group.
  6. Use the Field Value Inspector tool to check all of the parts of your application to review, revise, or add field value rules to.
  7. Click Finish to complete the wizard and confirm the import process.