Temporarily changing the logging level

You can use the Logging Level Settings tool to support debugging by temporarily overriding the logging level settings in the prlog4j2.xml file for the current node.

  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Operations > Logs > Logging level settings .
  2. In the Logger Name field, press the Down Arrow to list all Java classes in com.pega.pegarules and select the Java class that you want to change, or enter a logger category:
    • Enter Rule-Obj-Activity to review or update the logging level for all activity executions.
    • Enter Rule-Obj-Activity.<activity name> and press the Down Arrow to select the logger name to update the logging level for all activities with the given name in any Applies To class.
    • Enter com.pega.pegarules.engine.context.Agent to update the level for all agents.
  3. In the Current Level field, click the logging level for the selected class.
  4. Exit the dialog box.