Importing a file that exposes a new column

If you are importing an archive that contains schema changes that expose a column for an existing property that already has a value in the BLOB, use the following high-level procedure.

Note: If you are adding a new property and column, you can Import the archive using the Import wizard without running the Column Populator utility.
  1. Apply the schema changes manually or automatically using the Import wizard.
  2. If you are using the Import wizard, stop the wizard after the schema changes have been applied.
  3. Run the Column Populator utility to populate the column. For more information, see The Column Populator tool.
  4. Import the archive that includes the Data-Admin-DB-Table instances that will trigger a classmap update.
Note: You can run the Column Populator utility after you import the archive, however, reports might show incorrect results until you run the Column Populator utility.