Import gadget - View Schema Files

This page lists the changes to the Pega Platform database schema that must be made to support this import.

You can chose to have the Import Wizard make these changes to your database automatically, or you can chose to download a SQL DDL script that defines the changes and apply the DDL to the database with your usual database tools. If the database schema includes a change to a vendor-specific object, you must use the manual method.

Viewing schema change details

Click the Class name to display details of the schema changes. If a class includes a vendor-specific change, you cannot automatically update the database. Instead, download the SQL DDL, make the change, and then continue.

The table names displayed here may be shortened to accommodate database vendor name-length limits.

Automatically applying database schema changes

To automatically apply the changes, select Automatic and click Next.

Manually applying database schema changes

To manually apply changes:

  1. Select Manual.
  2. Click View/Download SQL DDL.
  3. Apply the SQL DDL to your database.
  4. Click Next.
  5. When the system prompts you to confirm that you have manually applied the schema changes, click Next to continue. If you have not yet applied the changes, click View/Download SQL DDL and apply the changes before continuing.