Performance tool — Interpreting the Performance Summary Chart

The Performance Summary chart provides a graphic representation of the data provided in the Full row of the Performance pane, summarized into four categories. (The Full row reflects the totals since your session started, or since the most recent Reset Data operation.)

Use this chart to take a quick look at the time elapsed for each category. If you determine that your requestor session has taken too much time to complete the tasks in one category, open the Performance tool full details display for the reading, and examine the statistics that are included in that category.

All times are in elapsed seconds, and include processing by all Threads of your requestor.

Category Description
Rules Assembly The sum of the elapsed time spent assembling rules, compiling rules, and checking Java syntax.
Rules The amount of time spent executing declarative rules.
Connect The amount of time spent running connector rules, including Connect SQL rules that access the PegaRULES database.
Database The sum of the time spent doing the following database operations:
  • Retrieving the following items from the PegaRULES database: rule-resolved rules, non-rule-resolved items like data and work items, declarative rules, and database lists (both rule and non-rule)
  • Saving rules, data objects, and work items to the database.
  • Processing the Storage Streams for database lists (both rule and non-rule).
Total Elapsed Time The sum of the elapsed times for all four categories.

A table below the bar chart shows the elapsed time in the first row, and the average elapsed time per interaction in the second row. The name of the current node and the date and time appear at the bottom of the display.

About the Performance tool