Migrating products from the user interface

Use the Product Migration wizard to perform easy product migrations from the user interface, as compared to complex migrations from the command line. The wizard simplifies the management of rule assets across Pega Platform systems.

This wizard creates a work item with the prefix pxMigReq-. To find open and resolved wizard work items, select Designer Studio > Application > Tools > All Wizards.


Before using the Product Migration wizard, do the following:

  • In your source system, verify that the PegaDiagnosticUser security role is defined for your Pega Platform server node. Also confirm that an instance of the Data-Admin-System-Security class exists with this security role as the key. The user and password information must match the ones specified by the web server console for this security role. Normally, this security role is configured when you install Pega Platform. For more information, see the Installation Guide for your platform.
  • Verify that the Pega Platform is installed on the target systems.
  • Validate the connections between the source system and target systems.

Using the Product Migration wizard

  1. For IBM Db2 for z/OS, configure the import properties.

    If you are importing an application with schema changes and a separate DB-Admin-DB-Name and you are using IBM Db2 for z/OS, configure the import parameters before you import the application, or the import will fail. For more information about configuring the import parameters, see IBM Db2 for z/OS: Preparing to import an application with schema changes and a separate DB-Admin-DB-Name. For more information about your application, see your database administrator.

  2. Create a pre-import activity to run before the system imports the archive into the destination system.
  3. Start the Product Migration wizard.
  4. Select the product and target systems for migration.
  5. View the migration results.