Finding rules by dependency

You can use the Referencing Rules tool to find rules by dependency. By tracing the relationship among rules in your application, you can quickly find a rule in context instead of conducting a full-content search.

For example, you can use referencing rules to find out which rules are affected before you remove steps from a data transform.

Note: Some rules do not support referencing rules, because their references are determined at run time.
  1. Open a rule that is related to the one for which you are searching.

  2. Click Actions > View references.

  3. Filter the results.
    1. In the Rule Sets list, select Application Only to narrow the results.

    2. Select the Show overrides check box to include rules with the same name in the same class path.

    3. Select the Show Versions and Circumstances check box to include other versions of the rule, including those with a circumstance defined.

  4. Review the list of rules in the Reference Rules and Referenced Rules column to understand which rules depend on your rule, and on which rules your rule depends.

  5. Click a rule to bring it into focus and display its references.

  6. To get more information, hover over the rule name, and then click the Open icon.