About the Search/Replace a String wizard

Use the Search/Replace a String wizard to search for and replace a string wherever it appears in rules in the entire PegaRULES database.

You can search and replace the string in:

  • all RuleSets in the system
  • the RuleSets included in your RuleSet list.
  • a single RuleSet or set of selected RuleSets

The wizard reports any locked RuleSets or rules that are checked out before performing the replacement, and any class names that might be affected. A list of qualifying rules appears for your review before any rules are altered.

The wizard uses the full-text search to reduce search time and increase accuracy. If full-text search for rules not enabled for your system, and you do not limit the scope of the process to certain RuleSets, the process can take many minutes to complete.

Use this powerful tool with care. Rules updated by this wizard are not automatically revalidated and may become invalid as a result of string replacement. As a precaution, export the RuleSets in to a .zip archive or back up the entire PegaRULES database before using this tool. The .zip archive can serve as a backup if the results of the wizard are not satisfactory.

SelectDesigner Studio> System > Refactor > Rules > Search/Replace a String to start the tool.

In changing a string, the utility looks for the specified string anywhere in any value within any rule within the search scope, and gives you the option to select the rules you want to modify. To specify the string to replace for the selected rules, it will replace the original string with the replacement string.

Strings are replaced only in rules, not in work items, assignments, attachments, or other objects. If string replacement changes rules in subclasses of Work- or any of its properties, the subsequent processing of those work items in those classes may encounter problems.