Deleting a ruleset

Use the RuleSet Delete tool to delete an entire ruleset or a specific version of a RuleSet, or to restore a RuleSet previously deleted with this tool.


  • Don't delete a RuleSet version that contains rules that are in use at the time.

  • Review access groups to confirm that they do not reference application rules to be deleted or the RuleSet version to be deleted.

  • Review Operator IDs that might reference skill rules ( Rule-Admin-Skill ) that will be deleted.

  • Review listener data instances (such as Data-Admin-Connect-EmailListener ) to confirm that they do not reference service rules that will be deleted.

To delete a ruleset:

  1. Select Designer Studio > System >Refactor > RuleSets > Delete a RuleSet to start the tool.

  2. Select the ruleset to be deleted in the Original RuleSet field.

  3. Optionally, select a ruleset version to be deleted in the RuleSet Version field.

  4. Click the Delete button to begin processing. This may take several minutes.

  5. The system creates a backup of the ruleset in PRPC's explicit temporary directory. A status area shows progress and the results of the operation.

  6. If errors occur, click the Total Number of Errors link in the lower right corner of the display form to see any error messages. This list can't easily be accessed after you close the form; print the list so you can research and address the errors.

  7. Click the Close button to exit.

Restoring the Ruleset

The system saves the deleted ruleset in a file called "" in PRPC's temporary directory.

To recover this ruleset, enter the ruleset and version into the Delete a RuleSet form and click Restore.

Recommended next steps

Check for other rules or data instances that may reference the RuleSet or version deleted, including:

  • Application rules ( Rule-Application rule type)
  • Access Groups
  • Other RuleSet Versions (as prerequisites)

If any checked-out rules are from the deleted RuleSet version, open each checked out rule and delete it with the Delete Checkout toolbar icon .

A special case: when no rules are associated with the RuleSet or version

If there are no rules associated with a RuleSet or version, you can delete them directly in the RuleSet form on the Versions tab.

To delete a version, select a RuleSet version row in the array and right-click to access a context menu. Click Delete .

To delete a RuleSet, delete all of its versions as described above and clickClick Delete .


If the RuleSet includes one or more concrete classes derived from the Work- base class, and there are instances (work items) in the classes, they are deleted too.

This tool does not delete instances of the History-Rule class or Index- classes that may reference the RuleSet or version. Such orphaned records do not require much space and are harmless.