Validation tool

Use the Validation tool to check the validity of rules in your application. This tool ensures that all rules defined in an application are valid and contain valid rule references based on a specified application context.

The Validation tool can help you improve the quality of your application and should be used regularly. It is available for rulesets using both Application Validation (AV) mode and Ruleset Validation (RV) mode. See Application Validation mode.

Use the Validation tool:

  • To identify how changes to some rules will impact other rules that reference those rules. For example, if you delete or change the return type of a rule by running the Validation tool, you will know how many rules became invalid by that change.
  • To confirm that rules pass current validation requirements
  • After critical changes or milestones, such as:
    • Changes to a ruleset list in the application rule
    • Changes to a built-on application
    • Before lock/export
    • After import
    • Regularly during development

How the Validation tool works

The Validation tool is available only to users who have access to the ApplicationValidation privilege. The access role PegaRULES:SysAdm4 provides these privileges. The tool will quickly validate the rules in your application, ruleset, or ruleset version without re-saving them. Only rules that can be called at runtime are validated; withdrawn rules are not validated.

To run the Validation tool

  1. Start the Validation tool using Designer Studio > Application> Tools> Validation. The Validation landing page appears.
  2. Select the application or individual ruleset and (optionally) the version you want to validate from the Select Validation drop-down menu.

  3. Click Run Validation to begin validation.

A progress bar appears, indicating:

  • Total rules – Number of rules associated with application
  • Processed Rules – Number of rules validated at given point in time
  • Invalid Rules – Number of invalid rules found at given point in time

Click Cancel at any time to stop the execution of the validation process.

You can only run the Validation tool for the selected application. To run for another application, click the Reset Validation button.

Once validation is complete, a results grid displays a list of any rules that failed validation, along with their associated error messages.

  • Expand a rule name to display the rule’s validation error.
  • Click the Rule Name to open the rule.
Note: When you open the rule from the results grid, it will not contain the error messages from the validation process. To re-validate the rule, save the rule.