Enabling accessibility

If the PegaWAI ruleset is not present, import it from ResourceKit/AccessibilityFramework of the full Pega Platform distribution (not from an update distribution):

  1. Select Designer Studio > Application > Distribution > Import .
  2. Use the Import Wizard.

To enable all accessibility, add the PegaWAI ruleset to your application definition:

  1. In Designer Studio, select [Application] > Open Application > Definition tab.
  2. In Application Rulesets select the PegaWAI ruleset.
  3. Save the form.

You can now specify which access groups have the features of PegaWAI in their composite portals (while other users see no change to their portal experience).

  1. Select Designer Studio > Org & Security > Security > Access Groups .
  2. Click an access group to open it and select the Advanced tab.
  3. From the Run time Configuration group, select Enable accessibility add-on.
  4. In Production Rulesets select the PegaWAI ruleset.
  5. Save the form.