Setting size and appearance options

Use the Options area of the Control tab on the Control form to specify the size, style, placeholder, and tooltip for the control.

  1. For Text Input, Text Area, Date Picker, or Rich Text Editor controls, set the Specify Size option:
    • Auto – Select this setting if you want the layout to determine the width of the control area.
    • Custom – Select this setting to specify a fixed value in the Width field.
  2. For Text Area or Rich Text Editor controls, set the Specify Height option.
  3. Optional. To limit the characters entered for a control, set the minimum or maximum characters in the Min/Max Chars fields.
  4. If you specify a maximum character limit for a Text Area control, the Display Character Counter option displays. This determines whether a count of remaining characters displays at run time. The counter decrements as the user types. When the character limit is reached, additional characters are not accepted.
  5. For Autocomplete or Multi-Select list controls, specify the maximum and minimum settings for search results.
  6. In the Style list, press the Down Arrow key to select from a list of predefined styles, such as Past deadline display text.
  7. To display instructional text with the control, set the Placeholder field to a value other than None and use the corresponding Placeholder Text field to enter the instruction or hint.
  8. To add a tooltip for the control, press the Down Arrow key in the Tooltip list and select the appropriate predefined text.