Creating a new Rich Text Editor format

You can create custom Rich Text Editor control formats that you can apply in your application. You can also select one of the preset mixins to control the format.

Use mixin Select to use a mixin to define the color of the header, footer, and border. The Mixin field displays the name and a preview of the currently selected mixin. Click the Mixin icon to select a different mixin from the list.
Specify styles Select this check box to define a custom color format for the header, footer, and border. Select:
  • solid — Enter a hexadecimal value (such as #3d3d3d) or click the box next to the field to Choose a Color.
  • gradient — Select the Direction in which you want to blend the background colors, horizontal or vertical. Specify the Start and End colors of the gradient. Specify a Backup color, in the event that the browser cannot render the gradient.
To create a style format:
  1. Click Add a format .
  2. In the Create a new format dialog box, enter the Format name by using only alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9) and spaces. The name cannot begin with a number. The format name that you enter is converted into the name CSS class or classes.
  3. Optional: Provide a Usage annotation.
  4. Click OK. The new format is populated with default values.
To create a style format by copying an existing format, click Actions and then select Save as from the list.

Applying a custom rich text editor format

  1. In the cell containing the Rich Text Editor control, click the View properties icon to open the Cell Properties panel.
  2. On the Presentation tab, press the Down Arrow key in the Style field to select the custom format that you want to use.