Reopening a resolved case

You can reopen a resolved case if the case was resolved prematurely, or erroneously. After a case is reopened, the case can be processed by a user or a flow and resolved again.

  1. Find and open the resolved case. You can locate a resolved case by searching for it, or by looking in your worklist or Recent list.
  2. In the Tools section, click Reopen.
If the case type does not use stages, the Work-.Reopen activity completes the following actions:
  1. Changes the status of the case to Open.

  2. Reopens a cover, if applicable.

  3. Restarts the flow that is identified in the pyFlowName property.

  4. Displays the case review form.

If the case type uses stages, the Work-.pyReopenToStage flow shows the flow action to reopen the last stage in the flow action, with an alternate choice to change to any stage.

Note: If you want any of the steps in a stage to relaunch when you return to them, select the Launch on stage re-entry check box on the Case Type form for those steps.
Note: The activity ReopenDefaults is called regardless of whether the case has a starting flow or uses stages. This activity allows you to override the flow defaults and make changes.