Overriding an extension point

Use this tab if you have generated a new application built on an existing framework that has rules marked as extensions. These rules indicate when a generic or empty version of the rule does not apply and an application built on that framework needs to override and update the rule for it to be meaningful.

You can limit the rulesets by clicking the Application link and selecting the application you want to include.

You can also open and copy over the framework's extension rules into the generated application.

You can override a rule to a different class or ruleset. Click the number in the Overrides (Applies -To Based) column to display a dialog box that contains the list of overridden rule instances. Each row includes the label of the Applies To class, the ruleset version, and when the rule was last updated. Clicking a row opens the corresponding rule.

In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Inventory > Extension Points.