Application Profile landing page

An application profile is a collection of information that specifies business processes for cases, work types, specifications, requirements, and other processing elements. The Application Profile landing page helps you manage and understand the profiles for each application in your stack.

Access this landing page by from Dev Studioby clicking Configure > Application > Profile.

The following tabs are available on this landing page:

  • Requirements – Review existing, create, or delete application requirements. Additional options allow you to view associations and import or export requirements using Excel.
  • Specifications – Review existing, create, copy, or delete application specifications. Additional options allow you to quickly add comments, update attachments and associations, and document individual specifications. Like requirements, you can import or export specifications using Excel.
  • Analysis – Work with interactive charts to understand the distribution of specifications in your application across case type and status. Additional reports help you easily identify unlinked specifications or requirements; items that were defined at the start of a project but are not yet implemented. A business impact optimization dashboard ensures that only the scope that impacts business objectives is built, and helps to increase visibility and manage scope change during project delivery.