Application quality metrics

The Application Quality dashboard displays metrics for guardrails, test coverage, and unit testing that you can use to assess the overall health of your application and identify areas that require improvement. You can change the default ranges for the color codes by modifying the corresponding when rules in the Data-Application-Quality class.

The following table describes the relationship between colors, default ranges, and when rules. For each metric in the Red, Orange, and Green columns, the top row indicates the default range for each color and the bottom row indicates the corresponding when rule.
Metric Red – stop development and fix issues Orange – continue development and fix issues Green – continue development
Guardrails Weighted score 0–59 60–89 90–100
pyIsWeightedScoreSevere pyIsWeightedScoreModerate pyIsWeightedScorePermissible
Number of warnings Not applicable More than 0 0
pyIsWarningsModerate pyIsWarningsPermissible
Number of severe warnings More than 0 Not applicable 0
pyAppContainSevereWarning pyAppContainNoSevereWarning
Test coverage Rules covered 0%–59% 60%–89% 90%–100%
pyIsRuleCoverageScoreSevere pyIsRuleCoverageScoreModerate pyIsRuleCoverageScorePermissible
Unit testing Test pass rate 0%–59% 60%–89% 90%–100%
pyIsTestPassRateScoreSevere pyIsTestPassRateScoreModerate pyIsTestPassRateScorePermissible