External Data Entities landing page

The Pega Platform and the Pega-supplied applications that you installed come with a variety of built-in data types that enable you to quickly design customer-centric applications. With increased design and development activities, it becomes difficult to manage the increasing number of data types. The External Data Entities landing page provides a single, consolidated view of the external data entities that can be leveraged in the application.

Access the landing page by clicking Configure > Data Model > View external data entities.

The landing page lists all data types used by the application that are sourced from one or more external systems. The icons next to each system indicate whether the system is sourcing the data or using simulated data until the production data sources that are required to connect to the system are ready. You can expand each data type to view the data sources that bring in the data from each system and the data pages that use each source.

Icons on the landing page

The landing page uses various icons to indicate the status and type of a data source or source system.

The icons that indicate the status of a data source or source system are:

  • Production ready - The source is active and production ready.
  • Simulated - One or more sources of this source system are being simulated and need a replacement before going to production.

When you expand a data type, the icon next to a data source indicates its type and the icon next to a data page indicates its structure. For details, see the Legend section in the landing page.