Data Tables landing page

The Data Tables landing page is accessed by clicking Dev Studio > Data Model > Data Tables.

Note: In Pega 7.1.7 and later versions, local data storage has replaced data tables. Click Convert for each data table displayed on this landing page to convert it to the new format.

To create local data storage for data types, select the data type in the Data Explorer. For more information, see Configuring local data storage.

Using the Data Tables wizard

Use the Data Tables wizard to identify the data tables in your application, and list, insert, delete or update rows in a data table.

Column Description
Description Describes the contents of the table.
Class Name The class on which the data table is defined.
Ruleset The ruleset in which the data table class is defined.
Row Count The number of rows (entries) currently in the data table.
Edit Provides access to the contents of this table.
Convert Click to convert this data table to local data storage.