Visual Business Director planner

The Visual Business Director (VBD) planner is an HTML5 web-based application that helps you assess the success of your business strategy after you modify it. Use the planner to check how a new challenger strategy compares to the existing champion strategy.

To compare two strategies, you run a simulation before and after you modify a strategy. The strategy that you currently use is called a champion strategy. When you run a simulation on it, the strategy results that you get can be used as a reference data source in the VBD planner. Then you create a new strategy or modify the challenger strategy and run a simulation on it. This is a challenger strategy and its results can be used as a primary data source in the VBD planner. When you have the two data sources, you can open them for visual comparison in the three-dimensional (3-D) graphical view of the VBD planner.

The 3-D graphical view displays different dimensions and key performance indicators (KPIs), such as accept rate, conversion rate, average price, volume, number accepted, or number of processed responses. This information is retrieved from Interaction History and forms the basis for visualizing decision results and monitoring KPIs with the graphical view.

The VBD planner includes these elements:

  • Scene - Displays a 3-D graphical view of different dimensions and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Timeline - A collapsible panel where you can browse the recorded historical performance and predict the future performance of the business strategy.
  • Settings panel - A side panel where you configure VBD planner settings to visualize decision results.
Note: If you previously used the applet mode of the VBD planner, you can enable it in the Visual Business Director nodes tab.