System - Predictive Diagnostic Cloud

The Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) is a secure Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of Autonomic Event Services (AES). PDC runs on Pega Cloud and actively gathers, monitors, and analyzes real-time performance and health indicators from all active Pega Platform applications. PDC also predicts potential system performance and business logic issues, and notifies business stakeholders and IT administrators with remediation suggestions before they impact the business.

Sitting above systems monitoring tools, and supporting both on-premises and cloud-based systems, PDC monitors the Pega Platform application layer with the aid of a unique knowledgebase. By gathering alerts, system health pulses, and guardrail violations generated from your business applications, PDC can aggregate and analyze them into shared types, and then proactively produce trending dashboards. PDC also provides direct visibility into the health of your Pega Platform applications by aggregating system health scores and email notifications, displaying progress or degradation of an application’s health.

Note: The Endpoint SOAP URL field displays the URL for the PDC SOAP service. It is a required field.

Enabling push notifications

Enable push notifications (where PDC sends an alert automatically rather than requiring you to have to manually check for issues) by selecting the check boxes for the notifications you want:

  • Alerts
  • Exceptions
  • System Health Messages

Click Update Configuration to save any changes you have made.

Click Enable Monitoring to start the PDC monitoring system. If monitoring is enabled, click Disable Monitoring to stop it.