Resource URLs

To view and configure resource URLs, use the Dev Studio Configure > System > Settings > Resource URLs tab.

All three fields on this tab are optional, are used as described below, and cannot be modified for Cloud deployments.

Note: Do not use "localhost" as the node name; use the server name or an IP address.

Online Help URL

The Online Help URL specifies the path to this help system, and can be deployed on any node. This field uses the following format: http://nodename:portnumber/prhelp.

The Online Help URL is stored as a Dynamic Systems Settings data instance.

Public Link URL

The Public Link URL is used for Directed Web Access (DWA). This field uses the following format: http://nodename:portnumber/context/servletName.

The Public Link URL is stored as an instance of the Data-Admin-System-Configuration class.

Each tenant in a multitenant environment can override the Public Link URL value. When changes are made in a tenant context, changes are reflected immediately for all users in that tenant.

If a tenant has not overridden the value:

  • The value from the shared context (if any) is visible to the tenant.
  • If the value of the URL is changed from the shared context, there is a delay of up to 10 minutes from the time of the update for when the new value is displayed in the tenant context.

External Logs URL

The External Logs URL specifies the path to an external log viewer. You can display the external log viewer by clicking External Logs on the System Operations landing page.