UI Gallery landing page

The UI Gallery provides sample, guardrail-compliant design patterns that have been built using best practices, the latest features, and the newest layouts.

Choose from fully implemented samples, such as product information and shopping cart forms, and individual components, such as dynamic layouts, to understand how a user interface element is built. You can easily add UI Gallery samples in your prototypes or customize them for use in your applications:

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > User Interface > Gallery > UI elements.
  2. Click the sample or component that you want to view. The sample displays, along with usage and configuration information.
  3. Click the View design-time configuration link to view the rules and configuration that are needed to make the sample or component functional.
  4. Use the Navigate menu to switch to a different sample or component.
What to do next: 

You can extend the UI Gallery by providing your own samples. See Pega Community for details.