Finding rules by name

To find sibling rules, which are rules with the same name (key parts) but different rulesets or versions, do the following.

  1. Open the rule form.
  2. Select Actions > View Siblings to search the entire PegaRULES database for rules that share a second key part with the currently displayed rule. The results are displayed in a new window.
What to do next: 

The Sibling rules window shows all the rules that share the same second key part as the current rule. Not all of these are true siblings. This display is most useful for rule types with two key parts that have an Applies To class as the first key part.

The window might include rules in rulesets you cannot access, rules that are unavailable, and circumstanced.

Rows in the display correspond to Applies To values. Numbers in brackets show how many distinct rules (counting siblings, versions, circumstances, and so on) are in each class.

Columns identify rulesets and versions. Each cell that contains an icon indicates that a rule of that name and Applies To class exists, with an icon describing the rule availability.

You can do any of the following actions:

  • Click the Circumstanced link, which appears for a rule with circumstance verions, to display the circumstance property and value.
  • Select a value in the Applies To field to change its value and click Get Related Rules to view rules with the same second key part in other classes.
  • Click Legend to view a legend for this window.
  • Click Details to display information about the sibling rules.