Adding an optional task to a case

Supplement your case life cycle with an optional task to allow case workers to determine when out-of-sequence processing is required in a case.

Optional tasks do not move a case closer to resolution. For example, a customer can give you a new phone number while you are processing the Financial History assignment in an Auto Loan case. You can complete the Update Contact Info task to update the phone number without moving the Auto Loan case to a different step or stage.

  1. In the navigation panel of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.
  2. On the Workflow tab, click Optional actions if Life cycle is selected.
  3. In the Case wide actions section, click + Action.
  4. Select an option from the menu, based on the type of task that you want users to perform.
    • To create a new task:
      1. Click Collect information.

      2. Replace the default label for the action with a task name.

      3. Click Configure view.

      4. Build a form with fields for the task.

    • To reuse an existing task:
      1. Click More > User actions > [action name].

      2. Click Select.

  5. Click Save.

At run time, optional tasks are displayed in the header of a case.