Setting your work availability

Set date ranges for planned absences, such as vacations, in your profile to ensure that your application routes assignments to a substitute user or team until you return to work.

  1. In the Case Worker portal, click your avatar, and then click Profile.
    If you are a case manager, you can find your team avatars by clicking a team name on the Teams page.
  2. Click Actions > Availability.
  3. Click Add dates when unavailable.
  4. In the From and To fields, enter dates that indicate when you are unavailable.
  5. In the Substitute operator type list, select whether a specific user or team receives assignments while you are absent.
  6. Optional: To define custom logic that decides how assignments are routed, enter the name of a decision tree in the Decision tree to find substitute field.
  7. In the Default to assignee field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the name of a user who receives assignments when your application cannot find a valid substitute user or team.
  8. Click Submit.