Importing a case type

Import a case type from a built-on application to reuse resources and reduce the complexity of your application.

  1. On the Class form for your current work pool, in the Parent class (Directed) field, enter the work pool of your built-on application.

    This step is necessary if this is the first time that you are importing a case type.

  2. In the navigation panel of Dev Studio, click Cases .
  3. From the top-level menu, select Import case types.
  4. Review the list of top-level case types that will be added to your application.

    Case types with the same name as an existing case type in your application are not available in this list.

  5. Optional: To exclude a case type from the import process, clear the check box next to the name of the case type.
  6. Click Submit.

The case type and its child case types are added to your application. Supporting rules, such as the starting flow for a case type, continue to reside in the built-on application. You can leave them there or create specialized versions in your application.