Forms and fields

A form is a view of your data. The fields on a form store user input that can include single-value fields, a group of values, or a list of values. After you create a form, you can associate it with an assignment or approval step in the life cycle of a case.

The presentation and validation of the fields on a form are determined by the following items:

  • The field type, such as Text or Integer, that you select

  • The display mode of the field, such as Required, that you select

  • The property that stores the value of the field.

    Properties are implicitly created when you add a new field to a form. The property type is determined by the field type that you select when you add a field to a form.

  • The validation conditions that you define

  • The control that is associated with the field.

  • The display mode of an embedded (reused) form, such as Read only, that you select

Note: Although forms are a type of view, not all views are forms.