Standard Report Definitions — Performance Analysis

Standard reports in the pyPerformanceAnalysis category analyze and summarize resolved (completed) work items along quality dimensions. These reports support a retrospective review of past work to help identify how business processes might be improved. The reports are derived from instances of Work- classes.

Report Description
History-Work-.pyFlowActionAnalysis Average Duration and Timelines by Assignment Type and Action — Provides a tabular report identifying the percentage of time that users selected each connector flow action for each assignment. You can compare these actual results with the expected percentages (known as likelihoods) that are presented on the flow diagram.

This report might help identify which flow actions take the longest to complete, and which are used more or less often than expected.

Detail rows show the average duration and counts.

History-Work-.pyTaskPerformance Average Performance Time By Task — Provides a bar chart and summary counts of how much time (in hours) that tasks are in processing mode or idle mode as well as the total time that a task takes to complete.
History-Work-.pyActionPerformanceTime Average Processing Time in Hours by Task and Flow Action — Provides information about the average time, in hours, for a flow action to be completed.
History-Work-.pyTaskDuration Average Duration per Flow Task — Provides a pie chart and summary statistics for completed assignments sorted by selected connector flow action. Identifies the flow actions that take users the most time to complete.

Columns identify the total time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) and counts for each connector flow action. Click a row to see the supporting details.

History-Work-.pyPerformanceDetail Performance Detail in Average Hours — Provides a summary report of the number of tasks, average time tasks spend in processing, and idle time. The data is grouped by flow name, assignment, action, and the performer.

A special activity computes idle time as the average of the following difference:

( pxAssignmentElapsedTime - pyPerformActionTime )

History-Work-.pyAgeByFlowAssignment Timeliness by Flow and Task — Provides a bar chart and summary counts of completed assignments in the selected flow, or flow sorted by selected connector flow action.

Columns identify how many assignments were completed Within Goal, Past Goal, Past Deadline and in Total.

Click a row to see supporting detail, including the task duration in seconds.