Associating a specification with a shape in a flow

You can associate a specification with an individual shape in a flow. By identifying the purpose for each piece of a process, you can clearly communicate to stakeholders how business requirements are implemented in your application.

  1. Open a flow by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer.
  2. On the Diagram tab, double-click a shape in the flow diagram.

    Tip: To support screen captures in legacy documents, double-click a connector instead of a shape. For more information about the legacy documents that you can generate, see previous versions of the Pega Platform help on Pega Community.
  3. Associate a specification with the shape.

    To create a new specification:

    Follow these steps when a shape does not yet have a specification associated with it.

    1. In the Specification section of the property panel, enter a name in the Specification field.

    2. Use the rich text editor to enter a description for the specification.

      Note: You can use Microsoft Word to enter a specification description instead of the rich text editor.

    To change the currently associated specification:

    1. In the Specification section of the property panel, click Specification actions > Choose another specification.

    2. Clear the value in the autocomplete field.

    3. Press the Down Arrow key in the autocomplete field and select the name of a specification.

      The list of specifications is organized by name, description, and the case type and application to which each specification applies.

    4. Click OK.

  4. Click Specification actions > View full details to view more configuration options on the Specification form.
  5. Click the Pulse icon to add a post to the specification.
  6. Click Submit to close the property panel.

The specification that you select is associated with the shape and the shape is added to the specification as a linked implementation.