Setting a service-level agreement for the Assignment Service shape

You can associate a service-level agreement with the Assignment Service shape in a flow. By defining goals and deadlines, you can set expectations for the time that it takes an external system to complete a single task in the process.

Service-level agreements on shapes are independent from service-level agreements that are set on a flow or case type.

  1. Open a flow by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer.
  2. On the Diagram tab, double-click the Assignment Service shape in the flow diagram.

  3. In the Service level field, press the Down Arrow key and select the name of a service-level agreement.

    If you do not select an option, the Work-.Default service-level agreement is used.

  4. Click Submit to close the property panel.

  5. Click Save.

Note: Open the Service Level Agreement form for more configuration options, such as escalation actions that you can run when a goal or deadline are past due.