Email approval

Email approval is a method for requesting approval from a stakeholder that relies on an incoming email message. By configuring a case type to support email approval, you can use the Email channel in your application to approve or reject cases remotely.

Example email approval

The following interchange provides one example of how you can use email to approve a case:

  • A case is created, either by a user or your application.

  • Case workers process the case in an end user portal by moving the case through the different steps in the life cycle.

  • The cases reaches an approval step in the life cycle that is configured to send email.

  • Your application sends an email to the reporting manager of the case worker who updated the case last, which includes a prompt to accept or reject the case.

  • The manager clicks a button in the email message, which generates an email response that contains the decision.

  • Your application receives the response, resolves the case when the decision is to approve the case, or moves the case to an alternate stage in the life cycle when the decision is to reject the case.