HTTP compression and timeout settings

Pega Platform supports HTTP compression of static files to reduce HTTP message size and network demand. Compression can improve performance over slow networks. The following Dynamic System Settings control the HTTP compression and timeout settings.

Property Description Valid values
prconfig/HTTP/ServerGZIPenabled/default Indicates whether HTTP compression is enabled. For UNIX servers, this property is enabled. True. Static file compression is enabled (default).

False. Static file compression is disabled.

prconfig/HTTP/ServerZIPenabled/default Indicates whether HTTP compression is enabled. For Windows servers, this property is disabled. True . Static file compression is enabled.

False . Static file compression is disabled (default).

prconfig/HTTP/DefaultCachingTimeout/default Indicates the time period for which static content, such as the login image, is considered current by the browser. If content is not current, the browser requests updated data from the server. Any Integer . The time, in seconds, that the browser considers the cached static content current. The default value is 86,400 seconds (24 hours).