File Listener form – Completing the Error tab

Indicate what processing occurs at run time when requestors based on this listener data instance encounter errors.

Field Description
Error recovery  
Attempt recovery? When selected, the system leaves the files containing errors in the Work folder for recovery purposes.

If this box is selected, the File Listener processing may create many instances of the Log-Service-File class, to aid in debugging. This can affect overall system performance.

Max recovery attempts Enter 0 or a positive integer for maximum number of times the system attempts recovery.
File Operation Choose Rename or Delete to specify what to do with files in error. If you select Rename, files are moved into the Completed folder and contain the extension specified in the File extension field.

This file operation is performed only after all recovery attempts fail.

File extension Enter a file type suffix, for example ERR, that the system appends to the renamed files.