File Listener form – Completing the Process tab

Configure the processing that this file listener performs at run time.


Field Description
Polling interval (seconds) Enter the number of seconds that this listener waits before it checks for newly arrived files.
Ignore duplicate file names Select to prevent the processing of a second or later file that has the same name as a previously processed file.

If selected, the system searches the Log-Service-File class for past instances of processing by any listener containing the current file name. If a match is found, the system:

  1. Bypasses normal processing of the file
  2. Copies the duplicate input file to the work directory
  3. Saves the file with .dup as the file extension
Lock listener's temporary file Leave this check box cleared in most situations, specifically when a system consists of a single server node or the file listener is set to run on only a single node.

Select this check box to cause each listener thread to lock the temporary files that it creates, which helps to avoid name collisions when multiple copies of the listener are running.

Note: Select this check box only when required, because locking adds processing that can impact performance.
Process empty files Select if you want the system to process empty files (files with no content). Selecting this check box disables the default filtering behavior in which an empty file is not considered as a record for processing.


Field Description
Source page name Specify the name of a page to hold the report. This page has class Log-Service-File. If blank, the default page name is LogServiceFile. Properties pyOriginalDirectory and pyOriginalFileName identify the input file.
Source property Select the property (on the page identified in the Source page name field) that you want to report on. Enter the keyword $XML in this field to write an XML representation of the entire page you identified in the Source page field into the report file.
Target file extension Enter an extension for the report file, such as txt or rpt. Use only alphanumeric characters.
Generate report file? If selected, the listener creates a report file in the source directory using the contents of the Source property. The name of the report file is the original file name suffixed with the target file extension.

When the Source property field contains the keyword $XML, the system writes an XML representation of the source page to the file.

Persist Log-Service-File instances? Select to cause instances of the Log-Service-File class (which record the processing of a listener) to be saved in the PegaRULES database, for reporting, debugging, or reporting.

When not selected, instances of this class present in server JVM memory only and are discarded when the server is stopped.

For optimal performance in high-volume production situations, clear this check box after you complete debugging a Service File configuration.

Idle processing

Field Description
Activity class Optional. To identify an activity that runs after the processing of a file is complete, enter the Applies to key part here.
Activity name Optional. To identify an activity that runs after the processing of a file is complete, enter the Activity name key part here.


Field Description
File operation Select Keep or Delete. After an input file is successfully processed, it can be kept or deleted. The system moves kept files to the Completed file folder.

Consider total disk space requirements if the input files are large and you select Keep.