Deleting an operator ID

Deletion of an operator ID instance is not allowed when there are open assignments on that operator's worklist, or when that operator ID is referenced in another data instance (such as an organization unit or work queue).

However, if a user is no longer active, rather than deleting the operator ID instance, you can follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that this user is not currently logged in.
  2. Transfer or complete all assignments on the worklist.
  3. Update the password to a value that is not disclosed to the user, so that person can no longer log in.
  4. Ensure that this user has no rules checked out. If rules are checked out, sign on and delete or check in the checked-out rules.
    You cannot delete an Operator ID if the operator has rules checked out. The operator must delete or check in all rules in their personal ruleset.
  5. Clear the Operator is available to receive work? check box.
  6. Enter a departure date in the Unavailable from array.
  7. Enter a substitute operator for assignments routed to this operator.
  8. Save the updated Operator ID instance.