AsyncProcessor requestor type

You use AsyncProcessor requestor type to resolve Job Scheduler and Queue Processor rules.

Each Pega Platform operator logs in using unique ID that is associated with a specific access group. This access group provides a context to resolve rules. Because Job Scheduler and Queue Processor rules in the background, no user-based context is available to resolve these rules. The AsyncProcessor requestor type provides the context to resolve Job Scheduler and Queue Processor rules.

Requestor type definition

The AsyncProcessor requestor type defines a list of rulesets that create a context for Job Scheduler and Queue Processor rules resolution.

At system startup, unique queue processors and job schedulers are found by using the context defined in the AsyncProcessor requestor type. When the system is running, and a new queue processor is added, or an existing one is overridden in a different ruleset, the context is updated to include the new ruleset to resolve the right rule.

The dafult access group is an Application-based Access group. This definition includes your custom access group that corresponds to your custom rulesets. When you use the Application-based access group, only job schedulers and queue processors that belong to this access group run. The default access group is PRPC:AsyncProcessor.