Connect Request Processor form - Dequeuing Options tab

You can use this tab to instruct the Pega-IntSvcs agent how to handle the connector requests stored in the queues defined on the Queuing Options tab.

Field Description
Maximum number of execution attempts Specify how many times the Pega-IntSvcs agent is to attempt to process the connector request. Typically, set this value to more than 1 so the agent can try again if the request fails the first time (perhaps a work item was locked, for example).
Keep in queue after all execution attempts failed Select if you want to keep a connector request in the queue after the Pega-IntSvcs agent has tried to run the request the number of times specified in the Maximum number field and it fails. Clear if you want to delete failed service requests from the queue.

Requests that fail more than the limit in the Maximum number of execution attempts field are known as broken queue items. An administrator can review and update these item on the System Queue Management page. Click Dev Studio > System > Operations > Queue Mangement and click the Broken queue.

Keep in queue after successful execution Select if you want to keep a service request object in the queue after it was successfully processed.