Service Request Processor form – Queuing Options tab

Complete this tab to specify where to store the service request objects supported by this service request processor instance — that is, which queue class to use, and when.

The standard queue class System-Queue-ExecutionRequest-Service-Default is available, by default, for service request objects. You can create your own queue class for your service requests by creating a subclass of the System-Queue-ExecutionRequest-Service- class.

Order the rows of this array so that a default queue is last and do not assign a when condition rule to the last row.

Field Description
Queue Class Name Enter the name of the queue class that represents the queue for service requests supported by this request processor instance.

You can use the standard class System-Queue-ExecutionRequest-Service-Default here, or another concrete class derived from System-Queue-ExecutionRequest-Service-.

When to use this queue Optional. Leave blank for the bottom row only. If you specify more than one queue, select a when condition rule that determines when to use the queue. If only one queue is defined, leave this field blank.

If more than one queue is defined, the when conditions are tested at runtime in sequence, starting at the top row of this array.