Creating a data page for a keystore

To configure a keystore with a data page reference, you must create the data page. You can create the data page by clicking the Add icon on the keystore Main tab.

  1. On the keystore Main tab, next to the Source data page field, click the Add icon.
  2. Enter the Label, Identifier, and Apply to class for the data page, and then click Create and open.
  3. In the Structure list, select Page.
  4. In the Object type field, enter Data-Admin-Security-Keystore.
  5. In the Edit mode list, select Read-Only.
  6. In the Scope list, select Node.
  7. In the Data sources section, in the Source list, select Activity.
  8. Create an activity with a Java code step that creates and populates the keystore data page, if such an activity does not exist. For more information, see Creating a data page activity for a keystore.
  9. Do the following steps to associate the activity with the data page.
    1. In the Activity name field, enter the name of the activity that creates and populates the keystore data page.
    2. Under the activity name, click Parameters.
    3. Select Pass current parameter page.
    4. Click Submit.
  10. Optional: In the Load Management tab, Refresh strategy section, specify how long you want the keystore to remain in the cache.
  11. Click Save.