Creating a keystore

Create a keystore instance for your keystore file, which contains the keys and certificates that are used, for example, to support Web Services Security and outbound email security.

Before you begin: Obtain a keystore file that is signed by a certificate authority or is self-signed, and make it available as a file or as a URL. This is done outside of Pega Platform. If the file has a password, you will also need the password. For more information, see your security administrator.
  1. In the Dev Studio header, click Create > Security > Keystore.
  2. In the Short description field, enter a name for the keystore.
  3. In Keystore field, enter an ID for the keystore.
  4. Click Create and open.
  5. In the Keystore location list, select the source of the keystore:
    • Upload file – Upload the keystore file, such as a Java KeyStore (JKS) file.
    • Reference to file – Reference the keystore file from a file location.
    • Reference to URL – Reference the keystore file that contains public keys from a URL address.
    • Reference to data page – Reference the keystore that is stored in a data page.
    • Amazon Key Management Service (KMS) – Reference the encryption key that is stored in the Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (AWS KMS).
    • Reference master key from Data page – Reference the encryption key that is stored in an external custom source with a data page.
  6. Configure the keystore based on the keystore location that you selected.