About Image Content data instances

Image Content instances provide an alternative to binary file rules, to store images that:

  • are widely used across multiple applications
  • look the same for all users, and
  • are rarely updated.

For example, you can use an Image Content data instance to identify each division in an organization.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Where referenced

You can reference data content image instances in two ways. The first is to write out a reference to the image cleartext URL in HTML code:

<img src="../datacontent/Image/filePath/fileName.fileType">

This URL is consistent and reusable.

The second way is by using the contentURL JSP tag, which will generate the same cleartext URL as if one had written it as a cleartext URL:

<img src="<pega:contentURL name="fileName.fileType path="/filePath/" classType="Image" />">

The contentURL JSP tag creates a constant, reusable cleartext URL.

For example: To reference an image with the file name "profilepicture," the file path "/operatorimages/" and the file type "jpg," you could do this in one of two ways:

<img src="../datacontent/Image/operatorimages/foo.jpg">


<img src="p:contentURL name="foo.jpg" path="/operatorimages/" classType="image"/>"/>

Both of these references generate the same cleartext URL for the image.


An Image Content data instance belongs to the Data-Content-Image class. They are part of the Technical category.