Scheduling case archival

You can control when your application archives cases to improve application performance.

  1. Open the standard pyPegaArchiver job scheduler, by searching for it or by using the Records Explorer.
  2. Copy the job scheduler to a ruleset in your application. For more information, see Creating a specialized or circumstance rule.
  3. Define the run cycle for the archiving process.
    1. On the Definition tab, select an option from the Schedule list to indicate how often the archiving process runs.
    2. Provide additional parameters, based on the schedule type that you choose.

      For example, you can run the job scheduler every 2 months on the first Wednesday of the month when your schedule type is Monthly.

  4. In the Start time field, enter a time in hours and minutes.

    As a best practice, choose a time when there is less demand for case workers.

  5. In the Time zone list, select an option based on the location of your application.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat this procedure for the pyPegaPurger and pyPegaIndexer job schedulers.

    For more information about these standard job schedulers, review the fields in the Documentation section of the History tab on the Job Scheduler form.