About SpellChecker Properties data instances

Use the SpellChecker Properties form to control operation of the spelling checker features of the Pega Platform, for a specific locale (language variant).

The following tabs are available on this form:

Note: Spellchecking is not available when a Pega Platform application is accessed by using Pega Web Mashup.

Where referenced

When an application user clicks the SpellCheck button ( SpellCheck ) on a user form, the system uses information in the SpellChecker Properties instance (based on the locale of each user) to determine which dictionaries to apply, how to operate the spellchecking algorithm, and other details.


Use the Records Explorer to list SpellChecker Properties data instances in your system.


A Spellchecker Properties data instance is an instance of the Data-SpellChecker-Properties class. They are part of the SysAdmin category.