Indirect pages

An indirect page is a page that the system finds by searching the clipboard at run time. The page reference to an indirect page starts with the keyword prompt followed by the page name.

Note: This type of page is deprecated but still supported for rules that used this feature prior to Pega 7.1.

With a Call or Branch instruction, the calling activity can identify parameters to the target activity by using indirect page references. For example, if you identify a page as promptALPHA, the system searches the clipboard for pages named ALPHA.

You cannot use symbolic page names (such as primary or param ) after the keyword prompt; an explicit page name is required.

You can use indirect pages in these rule types:

  • Activities
  • Correspondence
  • Harness
  • HTML
  • JSP
  • Paragraph
  • Parse Infer
  • Parse Structured
  • XML

On the Pages & Classes tab of these forms, indicate that a page referenced in the rule is an indirect page by setting the Mode field to prompt.