Personal ruleset

Users who have the Allow rule check out option enabled for their operator IDs can place copies of rule instances into a personal ruleset. The name of this ruleset is the Operator ID, such as [email protected]. The personal ruleset is sometimes called the private ruleset.

Personal rulesets are used in with the checkout and check in features. The system creates a personal ruleset automatically when needed. No instance of the Rule-RuleSet-Name class exists for this ruleset. Rules in a personal ruleset are never run by other users.

On the requestor page, the standard property pxRequestor.pxSecuritySnapshot.pxPersonalRuleSetName identifies the personal ruleset. If this property is blank, the requestor cannot check out rules.

A memory cache contains rules in your personal ruleset. The maximum size of this cache (for all developers combined) is determined by elements in the fua node of the prconfig.xml file or by Dynamic System Settings.