Rule checkout tips

You can use several features to determine that you have checked out all the rules in your application You can also use other features to undo changes and to override the default check-in procedure.

Refer to the following list for tips about rule checkout.

  • Click the Checked out records icon in the Dev Studio header to view all the rules that you have checked out.
  • Use the Application Development landing page to view all checked-out rules. Rules checked out using the Private edit option do not appear in this list.
  • Use the restore feature to undo changes made by a checked-in version.
  • Use the Rule-.SetApprovalDependency activity to override the default check-in procedure.
  • Use the lock icon to see who has a specific rule instance checked out.
  • Select the View version > Checked out from [ version number ] option in the Actions menu to view the base version of the rule that you checked out.